Welcome to Griffin Gaming Studios

Innovative, imaginative and with great ambition, Griffin's game development team hopes to provide you with a unique game experience.   

You can expand Griffin

If you think you have enough gaming experience, and believe you can combine it with some programming knowledge then you are in the right place. There is also the artistic section where you can draw and send us pretty much anything you would like to see in one of our games and who knows... maybe it could be implemented. If you are interested in joining us complete our Contact form.

Get your free Griffin Points

We have invented a system where your points on one of our games are stored and available for every game in our portfolio. Send us an email with the theme "POINTS" to receive your free point coupon. Redeem them NOW!

Play from home, bus or office!

We wouldn't be innovative enough if our games were not cross-platform. This means that you can play while you are on the bus, under your desk while the teacher is not looking, just before sleeping time or during your little secret breaks at work... Try them out!

Dexpo 2017!

dexpo logo

Είναι γεγονός! Συμμετέχουμε στην Dexpo 2017 στην Αθήνα στο εκθεσιακό κέντρο Περιστερίου! Ακολούθησε μας και έλα στο event αξίζει... Γιατί εκεί θα βρεις μια έκπληξη που δεν περίμενες... Καλά εντάξει θα δεις και τις φάτσες μας αλλά θα δεις και κάτι πραγματικά όμορφο! 

Θα παρουσιάσουμε το Griffin's Flight!! Το game που τόσο καιρό υποσχόμαστε είναι επιτέλους έτοιμο και θα έχεις την ευκαιρία να είσαι εκεί στη γέννηση του μικρού Griffin!

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